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tv   8 News Now Special Voters Guide  CBS  October 22, 2016 7:30pm-8:01pm PDT

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this special edition of 8 news now... as we present the "your >> thank you for joining us on the special edition of the news as we give you your local election headquarters voters guide. >> again catches every sunday at 530 on politics now right here in channel 8. something different making sure you have all the information you need to make an informed decision when you walk into the voting booth next month. >> some of you may already voted albecause today early boarding got emunderway across the state. polling places are set up at several different malls and shopping centers along with local government buildings. you have until november 4 to vote early. the general election takes place on november 8. >> as he should have already received a sample ballot in the
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mind what you want to vote for before you head to the polls, it is a handy guide. this is an overview of the general election ballot on the left we make pics for presidency. the asenate race as well as nonpartisan offices. on the right side uses different ballot questions where you will vote yes, sir no. when you head out to the polls you will not be filling in circles on a sheet of paper or punching a paper ballot. it will more than likely be an electronic voting machine. >> if you've never whenever easy.the poll worker will give you an activation card. you insert the card into a machine. you choose the language. then you will see your ballot starting with candidates, but by simply touching the circle next to your choice. you can change your but by touching the circle again and selecting a different candidate. >> after that the machine will ask you to review your choices and then it will print a paper record of your selections. that will stay with the machine, is not something you
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and after that you are done. just return the activation card to the election workers and if you run into issues one of the workers will be happy to help. >> here's a closer look at how the presidential ballot will luck. as you can see is not to taylor crichton and donald trump. the candidates are listed in alphabetical order by last name. there is even an option for none of these candidates which only exists on nevada's ballot. with all of the angst over the 2016 presidential election night to see how none does. >> all of the information is right there on the sample ballot that should have arrived in your mailbox by now. >> as for the ")two main candidates, they both met here in las vegas for the third and final debate at unlv. >> with 17 days now left until election day the states for the last debate were higher than ever. >> let me translate that if i can chris because >> you can't. w >> for the final time this election cycle donald trump and
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>> because you'd rather have a tough rpuppet then-president. >> you are the puppet.>> the two squared off over vladimir putin and possible russian hacking ancrichton emails. >> -- >> i don't know vladimir putin. he said nice things about me if we got along well that would be good. >> after back-and-forth donald trump eventually condemned the attacks. unlike the previous two debates or two squared off over of the campaign. >> hillary clinton wanted the wall. hillary clinton fought for the wall. that was in 2006 or thereabouts. now, she never gets anything done so naturally the wall was built. >> and it comes to the wall, donald trump had a meeting with the mexican president didn't even raise it. he choked. then got into a twitter war because the mexican president so we are not paying for the wall. >> they say also that a strong
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together by not deporting parents deported that have children who are us citizens. and on allegations of sexual assault donald trump accuse hillary clinton's campaign of making it a lot. >> those people, i don't know those people. i have a feeling how they came. i think it was her campaign that did it. >> every time donald is pushed on something, which is obviously uncomfortable like with these women are saying, he immediately goes to denying responsibility. obviously the most topock high-profile race. and that is not what you will be voting on. i spoke with unlv science professor about some of the ballot questions. >> a lot of money being spent especially in question one of background checks. what does that say about how difficult this is and hope both sides are invested and how much are invested in nevada?
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legislature in 2013 in a similar legislation to what we are seeing now. the governor vetoed the bill. this is something that i think has been a national debate. see the senate take no action. thank the opponents so they can go into states and try to use this and go to the people. i think it will pass on the november ballot. >> and question two about legalizing marijuana. the is on if the state put enough pressure that could change something that the federal level i we start to see possibly a point where that will happen or the federal government still for going to stay on it? >> we don't know. we will have a new administration like the obama administration like with colorado and washington legalized for recreational use. as long as there's no over criminal activity there. it will clearly be in tension with federal law.
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federal level in changing in the short term. so we will be in this in between face for quite a while. -- allowed neighboring states will have that question. and -- >> we know the implications obviously the senate race. just name them. there are so many things that player. but let's talk about a little bit in the congressional races. of the two, these are also very critical we've seen a lot of money. do you see either the seats flipping to the other party? >> i think it depends on how big hillary victory in nevada. she was by six, i'm not quite sure what the details are given nevada's recent history. if it gets above that, that the republicans might be in trouble in the fourth district with the think is a little more favorable. in the third district and tarkanian, he is well known but there is ethics there. jackie was not well known, this
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a target but do voters know who she is? that will be a question. they will determine that race. >> of course we will be keeping a close eye on everything coming up in the election. thank you so much ofor joining us. >> still ahead on this voters guide aspecial, deeper into the ballot questions that you will see in the voting booth. first up is question one. the suit universal background ch will hear from both sides and breakdown what it would actually do.
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>> welcome back. the first question (was on the ballot is the one that would require everybody who wants to sell or transfer a firearm to get a background check and go through a federally licensed gun dealer. >> is a friend wanted to save an old hunting rifle or handgun you both have to have doctor gun store for a background
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>> we spoke with some gun owners and those who oppose question one about the topic. >> question one would require background cells on guns in the state. >> is a sensible way to keep guns out of the hands of people who shouldn't have been. and it is not infringing on those of us that are gun owners. there no sanctions for going to be with bad guys. -- to another good person it makes them a criminal. >> supporters in opposition of question one, the background check initiative agree on the hands of "rcriminals. but owhether or not this ballot initially will impact that is subject of debate. >> right now we have a loophole. those that should not have firearms use to get them we need to close. >> the fbi statistics are most guns used in crime are either stolen or brought through illegal gun dealers. it's not uthe background initiative, will have nothing to do with stopping anything. >> currently criminal background checks are required
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dealers but guns but from an unlicensed dealer like at a gun show for example don't need a background check. if question one passes that will change. >> at the people need to understand this will be for the purchase of weapons between individuals the same ideas -- >> others say it is ia constitutional property right. >> this is the devil is in the details. because no one wants that does to get a hold of guns.nobody cared will not op t we oppose because it is a bureaucratic nightmare. >> that was brittany reported. if passed, certain transfers would be exempt from requirement like that is inherited from family members or lending a friend of gun for hunting and self-defense. >> during last week's senate debate hosted by eight news now and univision the candidates were specifically asked about
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catherine cortez had to say about that. >> if you look at all of the tragic mass shootings in this country of the last decade they were all committed by legally purchased guns by individuals who underwent a background check. what we are doing by trying to pass legislation is putting a band-aid on the issue without addressing the root cause. let's really talk about the mental health issues in the state and in the country and prove of those individuals. >> what we need is more people working together to reduce gun violence.c closing the loop holes. i don't think so she will provide done over the internet. but congressman hecht does. >> here's a look at the lineup of candidates. once again there's more than just the top two contenders. we also have the entire senate debate on las vegas so you can hear all of the topics that we are discussing. >> should nevada legalize recreational pot?
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advantage of early voting. could today's total surpass the last early voting numbers back in 20-12. also... answers in a six-year-old cold case. their plea to witnesses in hopes of finding the killer. and... one man is using a scary display this halloween to give teens a serious message. exactly what the message is./// did clark county break a record on ck walker))
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question you will see on the ballot. it is question two. it would change state law to allow for the use of recreational marijuana in nevada. colorado was the first state to legalize recreational marijuana it has become a case study for other states facing ballot initiatives in november. including right here in nevada. we went on a fact-finding trip there earlier this year with industry representatives and lawmakers to learn more aut initiative. >> f denver, the mountain marijuana mecca. there are more than 600 dispensaries in colorado. 260 of them in denver alone. >> last year total marijuana sales in the state were nearly $1 billion. two thirds of that recreational pot. it is an industry that someday has a very high economic multiplying effect.>> $2.4 billion of economic activity. somewhere around 14, 15, 18,000
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of the marijuana policy group. a denver-based economic research from the practices solely on cannabis.o>> he says that number comes from the support businesses that have sprouted directly tied to marijuana. >> transportation services, cash management services, packaging, those are the ancillary impact as well. >> the marijuana industry, recreational and medical from 2014 to 2015 but the bulk of the growth has been on the recreational side. sales jumped 88 percent year-over-year oil medical cannabis only increased six percent. recreational cells are subject to three different state taxes which generated about $110 million for the state. >> they do have a number of people working on it. >> the director marijuana policy andrew friedman says those taxes only account for a small portion of the state's
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between medical and recreational the last fiscal year. the thing i always have to remind people is people's eyes get really wide when they see that number. it is a $27 budget in colorado. >> if nevada voters passed recreational marijuana in november the industry likely would not bring those types of numbers anytime soon. the effective tax rate would b lower. 15 percent. and nevada population is roughly half but by most accounts, the regulatory model in colorado seems to be working. >> state senator patricia farley and other nevada lawmakers want to take advantage of what's working colorado and apply it here in the state. >> we need to develop a regulatory system around this industry that supports the economic growth but also detracts from any great market, black-market or any type of behavior we don't want to see in our state. >> tolerated regulators would
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still work to be done. >> i'm not saying the whereabouts of the road. they certainly were. most notably around edibles and consumption of nether edibles in getting the right type of regulatory system and product safety system. >> a lot of angry voices on both sides with this. but for the most part the voters issue have been enacted. for the most part without a major setback. >> two thirds of the 130 tons of marijuana sold last year was in plan form for smoking. 14 percent was in edibles. but the edibles account for most of the health problems. senators say they are sponsoring several proposed marijuana related bills in the next legislative session. >> i'm a man i have attended a six-year-old. to a six-year-old a brian is a brownie.and she is not going to know the difference. we are also looking at prevention and intervention programs partnering with a local university to make sure
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>> one of those bills is intended to keep cannabis abuse edibles out of his hands. it will require edibles to only be square-shaped and patching it in nondescript pot childproof cases and new curriculum for middle and high schoolers here across the state. lots to talk about that as well. so let's talk about the other, as we plot the handy-dandy guide here. >> we are getting some use out of this today. let's talk about question three first which is essentially the deregulation. what e do voters need to know? >> right now you can only get power from nv energy. if your electricity and asked her to go through nv energy to do that. this will allow people to choose a number of different electricity providers. now, it seems very simple on the sample ballot but it is an incredible complex issue. there are a lot of different things going on. most interesting i think about this is that nv energy, the company itself is not come out
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because it would be a loss of business. they get all of the business now. but they've decided not to come out. instead they put out a list of what the core principles or framework for the discussion. so boaters can make up their minds. but also be aware of some of the issues.>> was also not forget the corporate level we are seeing some of the big strip properties, company switch. there was an effort to try to commercial cooperative in doing so they had to pay a lot of money. >> exactly.what was what motivated the efforts was that a lot of the companies wanted the energy. they wanted to get the power not from natural gas or from coal but rather from solar power plants. now nv energy has been moving to solar but in fact they wanted to do even more than was allowed by state law. the public utilities commission had to put the brakes on that. so they're moving to compete. and i think with the company is thinking that they will be able
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potential competitors if this pass. the polls show it looks pretty popular. >> also looking popular's question four. let's try that real quick. this is essentially taking away attacks on home medical devices. not much to this. this is not very controversial. next number controversial i think this will pass. people don't like taxes and this will probably go through. >> and they used to be question five which is pulled off the balance of clark county has a question by the nano. it is fuel revenue index and extending the tax that we've seen for three year trial based to find some of or many of the projects on the county. >> yes this will be very interesting to see how this comes out because voters may get the impression that if they vote against this taxes will go down immediately but they won't. we've already voted in some fuel tax so that will be a place for 30 years while the pay off the bonds. but with this is, additional
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that we need around town. you know we have a bunch of roads, future been on a lot of our roads you know that there is not as smooth as they could be. >> yesterday said somewhere around four or $5 billion unfunded project so this would chip away at that. >> absolutely. >> up next, are our elections and safe?who is responsible for keeping the integrity of the ballot secure? some outspoken politicians well
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>> and the pastor there been a lot of talk about big elections and voter fraud. >> despite experts agree there are really no signs of widespread voter fraud it has become iga staple of donald tru speech. we bhave more. >> the election is rigged. it is rigged like you've never seen before. >> it is a searing indictment of american democracy and
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toyed with throughout the campaign. on twitter he wrote, of course there is large-scale border fraud happening on and before election day. donald trump has won the democratic voters had cast multiple ballots and that undocumented immigrants are being processed for voting purposes. he has provided no evidence for either charge. but a study by the brennan center for justice found the average american was more likely to be struck by lightning then cast the fraudulent ballot. another study found 31 incidents of voter fraud. out of 1 billion votes cast from 2000 to 2014. we put the question to a higher republican secretary of state john houston. responsible for ensuring a fair election in the battleground state.>> the difference between an individual random act and a systemic problem. we do not have any systemic problems and i'm unot aware of any systemic problems in any state and country. the idea of building a national campaign where you are
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process itself is rigged, is an irresponsible comment. ken mike pence said this about broad claims about on face the nation. >> we will respect the outcome of this election. >> all right that was while mike pence is not flossing the elections rate he has been talking about the possibility of voter fraud. >> you've got to remember that vigilance is the price of freedom and honest my running mate the other day start about the possibility of voter fraud in polling places in the media went a little crazy. right? but don't kid yourself. voter fraud is real. and pockets around this country. voter fraud disenfranchises every american. republican, democrat, indicated
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>> the antidote though is you. here in north carolina just like in the state of indiana it is the states that administer our elections. and so i want you to become involved. become involved on election day is a coworker. a poll watcher. >> after all that talk of rigged elections nevada's election officials are trying to reassure us that our election is going to be secure. >> secretary of s, out to ensure that nevada's votes will be safe. they say the values of the most reliable and secure reporting system of the world and to all the potential hackers out there, the fbi's special agent in charge of this is forget about it.>> hacking into nevada's voting system is present impossible. contrary to popular belief, the methods maused here, they're no
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these machines are maintained in a highly secure facility with alarm systems and security protocol similar to what is used in the fbi building to safeguard top-secret materials. >> will the secretary of state's office will investigate every complaint and description and on election to the fbi look into any election related complaints. >> thank you for watching this social voter addition of eight news now. >> we are your local election headquarters to report to the lake of everything you need to know about voting on our website las vegas real-time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company. skipped out on for years...ann the telemarketing scammers he represented... all those fake charities he helped set up. he can try all he wants, but danny tarkanian just can't bury his past.
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